Table For Ten

We believe in the serendipity of social connectivity; that bringing the right people together will create a myriad of possibilities. The best and brightest don’t often run in the same circles - which is why we created Table For Ten.


From innovators, creators and disruptors to entrepreneurs, makers and philanthropists, Table for Ten is designed to facilitate a meaningful intersection of unique individuals and build lasting personal and professional relationships. 


The backbone of these dinners lies in storytelling, an exercise that helps break barriers and unite our guests with a common thread of creativity. By sharing personal stories, we're tearing down the walls of traditional networking and building a new, stronger creative community centered around collaboration and authentic interaction. 

Founded in Portland, OR in 2013, Table for Ten has expanded to New York, Chicago, and Milwaukee. 

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                   Inspired by social entrepreneurs, we broke out of our careers to create a new kind of agency — one with a conscience. Bound together by our brand experience and desire for social good, we exist to challenge the status quo.


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